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3 Channel Preston, HU3/MDR2/DMF2/RMF (G4 Wireless)


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Comprehensive 3 Channel Preston Wireless Follow Focus System.


All items owned from new, all original G4 (not upgraded G3 units). Can negotiate on type of motors included, or any extras. (brackets, etc)


I also have a Preston Single Channel MDR G4 (VLC) available if you are interested.


HU3 Handset has some surface scratching from normal use. MDR, DMF, RMF all very clean - see photos.


As listed below new would cost over $35 000. Asking $25 000, available immediately. Will ship anywhere in the world by negotiation.


PM any questions, etc. No time wasters please.


System includes:


Handsets & Controllers:


1 x MDR2 G4 (3 Channel Motor Controller)

1 x HU3 G4 (Handset)

1 x RMF G4 (Radio Microforce)

3 x Heden M26VE Motors (incl full gear sets)


Misc Cables:


1 x Firmware Update Cable

1 x HU3 - DMF Cable

1 x 30’ Command Cable

1 x HU3-RMF Cable


Power Cables (Total 9)


1 x 3 Pin XLR 24V PV

3 x P-Tap 12V (Red, Generic)

2 x 11pin Fisher 12V (Arri Film)

1 x 3pin RS 24V (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira)

1 x 2pin PV 24V (Panavision)

1 x 3pin PV 12V (Panavision)


Command (Run) Cables (Total 11)


1 x 3pin RS Power/Run Y COMBO Cable (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira)

1 x 3pin RS (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira)

1 x Fisher11 (Arri Film Cameras)

1 x Hirose (Sony F5, F55)

2 x BNC - 1 X Male, 1 X Female (Red Scarlet, Epic, Dragon)

2 x Red One

2 x Panavision Genesis

1 x Panavision Film Cameras


Motor Cables (Total 9)


3 x Straight / Straight

3 x Straight / Right Angle

3 x Right Angle / Right Angle


Brackets, etc


1 x Spare MDR2 Antenna

1 x HU3 Handgrip

1 x HU3 Handgrip Blank Plate

4 x 19mm-15mm Step Down Collets

3 x 19mm-PV Step-Down Collets

4 x Pre Marked Focus Discs (A/B/C/D)

5 x Blank Focus Discs

2 x Standard Batteries

2 x High Capacity Batteries

1 x Sony Battery Charger

1 x Travel Charger (AC/DC, can charge from car socket)

1 x 19mm-15mm Dogbone Bracket with 15mm Rod

1 x 3MB-5 Extended Reach Bracket for Heden Motors

1 x Element Technica Vlock Quickclamp

1 x Element Technica Vlock MDR2 Spider Bracket

4 x Cable Pouches

1 x Custom M2700 Storm Case


Ben R












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