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Scout Vest Compatible w/ Flyer Rig - Plus Amusing Cigarette Smell problem

Jayme Joyce

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So I got a crazy good deal on Flyer rig used... Huzzah!


The only problem is the entire thing smells overwhelmingly of cigarette smoke!


I'm trying every old wives trick in the book so if anyone finds this remotely interesting (or entertaining!) I can post about my methods if it works out.


However, per my inital question, IF all of my efforts and spells and incantations fail- could I purchase a new Scout Vest, (probably a compact vest because I am a smaller framed girl anyway) and would the new vest be compatible with the rest of flyer rig?


Thanks in advance!


PS- if anyone out there is/was a smoker and has had this problem, it would be lovely to add some new ingedients to my list of possible concoctions!

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1) pull out vest pads and wash them in mind soap in cold water by hand.

2) air dry them in the sun.

2a) take the socket block off the vest and you can actually dunk it up and down in soapy water/rinse it and again sun dry it.

3) put the sled in the sun too and that will help a lot to get rid of smell over time.

4) case etc. the case will hold the smell a lot.

5) eventually if smell lingers I'd find a dry odor Absorber and put vest in a Rubbermaid container for a couple of days.

6) the smell will gradually disappear but it may take a while

7) the foam in the case will hold it longest and you may want to buy a new one if it does last.

8) there are fabrezze products and many others to choose from

Let us know how it went

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Thanks So Much Janice!

I found some of your other posts about vest cleaning too and your expertise on this has been a huge help!


I did handwash everything fabric by hand with dawn and since I live in an apartment could only let them air dry in the window. Gave everything metal a rubdown with a damp cloth/dawn

Still smelly! Even the metal parts! Amazing!

I read online that vingar apparently has magical smell absorbing properties, so I gave it another wash with straight up vinegar in a spray bottle

Still smelly! Vinegar smell was completely overpowered by the smoke within about 30 minutes

My next resort has been to put vest in a bin with about a million tea bags for another day.

Still smelly!

Will try the odor absorber from the store next. Especially for the case which I'm sure will take years to air out... Or I thought about replacing the foam... Or just replacing...


But the sunshine thing, I feel that must be the key so I'm going to head out to my parents place in the suburbs (Of Chicago!) to lay everything out in the lawn and enlist my mom to help me with some more old wives tricks like charcoal and kitty litter, etc.


This is so funny!


When it all works out I will let everyone know how the saga unfolds :)


Also- I did end up finding a listing for a compact flyer vest on BHphoto. It didn't turn up on my initial search but when I was re-searching on my phone it popped up, it must've been hiding from the algorithyms or something.


They do say "special order" but here's the links to the Flyer vests still available on BH for anybody who might need this in the future.

Standard Flyer Vest:


Compact Flyer Vest



And Janice- if you are ever doing any more workshops in Chicago let me know, I would love to attend!

But if it's soon and my vest is still smelly I may have to take a raincheck :)


Thanks again

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All these home remedies take time to work like even airing out in the sun.


Modern odor absorbers/fresheners/eliminators work much faster. Go to Home Depot and pick out some, it's worth the $10.00-30.00.


(I love the home remedies that all involve vinegar, it doesn't work as well as they say.)



Love to help with workshop, contact me at any point.

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