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Thomas Crescenzo

Lightweight threaded base plate for Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle

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Is anyone interested in a super lightweight threaded base plate for a HyperDeck Shuttle?


I designed this plate to keep the weight down on my recorder and still give me some attachment options. The prototype is almost identical in weight to the stock rubber lined base plate. This plate offers two 1/4-20 holes and six 4-40 holes in the correct pattern to add Anton Bauer studs to mount on an unused battery plate.


If there is enough interest in these, I'll do a short run of them. The final plates will be anodized black. I still have to get final pricing as that will be influenced by the number being made in the first run.



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Did you ever make these?


Hi Noah,


I did make them for a little while and still have a few left from my last run of them. The last few are either demo units or have slight machining or anodizing imperfections but work well. I have them on sale in my online store: https://www.cinedynamics.com/collections/featured-collection/products/threaded-baseplate-for-hyperdeck-shuttle


If you are interested in one, you can purchase directly on my store. I'd also be happy to cherry pick one for you and send pictures of the actual unit you would be purchasing before you place an order.

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