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EFP Red Spring Arm

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I am selling my backup arm. It is an EFP red spring arm in very nice condition. This arm has a lift capacity of 16-40 pounds.


Here is the list of maintenance that has been done to it:

- The arm covers have had a couple small dents straightened and they have been powder coated.

- The rubber bumpers on the center joint are brand new.

- The screws that hold the arm covers and bearing pins have all been replaced with black oxide coated stainless steel screws for low maintenance.

- The tension screws have been replaced and the new ones are slightly longer than stock so the arm can be tuned a little lower than the stock configuration and it is easier to disassemble the arm for cleaning.

- The spring stops have been upgraded to 4-40 set screws (The originals were the older style dowel pins that were very hard to remove if you wanted to clean the arm)


Asking $4,300







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