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Zephyr Gimbal Handle LOOSE???

Bo Hallen

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Hey everyone!!


I recently worked a music video in which I was really pushing the weight capacity of my Zephyr.

We were flying a Dragon, Zeiss cp2 35mm & 50mm, Redrock Micro Mattebox with ND-6 & Glimmerglass, Redrock Micro Wireless follow focus, & Paralynx Arrow Wireless Transmitter.


My gimbal handle keeps moving out from the gimbal and you can see the exposed screw that is connecting the gimbal handle to the actual gimbal.

Is that normal??


And is it the Zephyr Arm thay determines the system's maximum payload??


And finally, if you exceed the recommended payload of 24lbs, can that damage the sled? Or cause stress and damage on the gimbal and/or gimbal handle???



I am trying to figure out how to post some photos I took to show exactly what I am talking about.


Can anyone give me some advice??



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Thank you Victor for posting those pictures. I called Tiffen in Burbank and they said Rey is now part of their sales division. However, I did speak with a Joe Wilbur who has taken over Rey's department, I am assuming. After speaking with him for a little bit, I realize I probably exceeded the weight capacity when I was shooting in New Orleans and it may had caused the screw in the gimbal handle to become loose from the yoke of the actual gimbal.


I will call Joe tomorrow morning to follow up on any more advice he can offer.


Since speaking with him, I took it upon myself to remove the handle and discovered a 3/32 standard hex screw that appeared to be loose. I carefully tightened the screw, after buying a standard allan wrench set from Wal-Mart ( I only had a metric key ), and I believe I was able to tighten the handle (blue knob) closer to the yoke.


Needless to say, I will be extremely careful when considering the Zephyr's maximum payload in the future.

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