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For Sale: Preston HU-3/MDR-2 Complete Package

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Avoid the 7-month wait for a new Preston system and walk away with a previously owned HU-3/MDR-2 setup instead!


Great package, serviced last week by Preston.


Hand Unit

-HU-3 w/ Blue Dot G4 Upgrade

-A-E Focus Rings (5)


-Cover Plate for when Handgrip is not in use

-3 NP-FM500 batteries

-Travel charger

-Lighter Charger Cable

-Handset Strap


Motor Driver


-G4 Microwave Transceiver w/ Blue Dot Upgrade



-Microforce Digital Zoom Control 2

-Microforce to HU3 Mounting Bracket

-2 (90 deg, straight) short MF to HU3 cables


Motor Stuff

-3 DM2 Lens Motors

-1 Lens Motor Gear 64 Pitch (PV Iris)

-2 Lens Motor Gears 48 Pitch (PV Zoom)

-3 19mm Hill Brackets

-3 15mm Step-down Bushings (Arri)

-3 5/8” Step-down Bushings (PV)

-1 Preston Long Swing Arm Motor Bracket

-3 Preston Motor Posts


Other Cables

-2 (90 deg, straight) motor cables

-1 (90 deg, straight) LONG motor cable

-1 (90 deg, 90 deg) motor cable


-1 MDR power/3-pin Fischer (Arri) run/stop combo Y-cable

-2 3-pin Fischer (Arri) run/stop cables

-1 BNC male (EPIC) run/stop cable

-2 4-pin Lemo (EPIC) run/stop cables w/ BNC male TC in

-1 10-pin Lemo (PV) run/stop cable


-2 3-pin Fischer MDR power cables (Arri)

-2 D-Tap MDR power cables

-1 ZLP MDR power cable (PV)

-1 4-pin XLR (12v) MDR power cable

-1 3-pin XLR (24v) MDR power cable


Other Accessories

-Old School Iris Control Paddle (hardwired)

-8’ Iris Control Cable

-Case Cruzer Case (great low-profile setup!)




Please email inquiries directly to ericdanderson at mac dot com. I am in Los Angeles.





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