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New Arm in town

Nir Bar

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Hi Guys,


I'm exited to share that the NBStabilizer Arm stock is about to be ready, and will be presented at the NAB show.


The Arm weights only 2.6Kg (5.7Lb)

Weight range: 0-28Kg (0-62Lb) - No minimum weight required

Boom range: 80cm (31.5 inch)


I'd be happy to answer questions.


Will update soon regarding the booth location.







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Hi Nir,


I had the chance to take a look at your web page, and saw that you listed the price of the arm at $10,000...I'm assuming it's USD? That seems to be a lot of money for an "unproven" concept...in that it's not very common, and most people don't have any experience with your system. There are many proven, much, much cheaper options out there. For example, used 3a/EFP/Master Series arms that are proven and reliable. They may have limitations, but those limitations are known, and well documented. Those limitations aren't preventing anyone from performing or creating good/great work.


Certainly you could argue that it is those limitations that a product like yours addresses...but with these legacy systems already doing jobs so well, it might be difficult to justify your ($10,000) price point, especially if there is anything less than a substantial increase in performance/ability? At that price point, one could buy a Tiffen G50x, or for a little more, a PRO Atlas, both proven systems, both backed by reputation, service, parts, etc. both compatible with each others sleds/vests etc.


I also saw that you sell entire systems (sled/vest/arm) for $25,000...I have a similar question there as well...good used legacy systems may run half of that. There's a '99 Master System (sled,Master arm, Ultra 2 vest/HD/SD monitor) listed on the FB Buy/Sell/Rent page going for $11,500. That's a well engineered, well built, proven, reliable system that we know can still perform today. Or a Ultra 1 System, complete for $18,000. Or a modernized EFP system, complete, for $14,000. Can you really promise that NBStabilzers systems are worth that much more, in terms of price/performance?


I don't mean to sound so skeptical or negative. I wouldn't consider myself an "expert" by any means...and I know it takes courage and guts to put yourself and your products out there, so kudos to you. I'm just asking questions that a prospective buyer might ask....

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Hi Beau,


Thanks for your comment and questions.


As you probably know, reputation and well known products had to start some-when, somewhere.


NB Stabilizer started a year and a half ago, when i first built one for my self. Ever since it is my only rig, and I can't go back. (I'm not the only one by the way) The system has proven it self to me so many times, on so many sets, that I allowed myself to take it to the next step, and let others enjoy it's benefits as well.


I agree that today all systems do the job. No argue on that. But why not make it easier? better?


Price wise, and I'm not going to go into how many experience and knowledge, tests etc. are in this system, but bottom line, you get top quality materials, with the highest performance and advantages in ONE system for all needs:

* No minimum weight range - one Arm for all cameras, from DSLR to Alexa.

*Arm weights only 2.6Kg

*Boom Range: 80cm

*Super soft at all ranges with any camera weight


All in comparison to the 2 well known top companies in the market today.


And so answering your question if I "Can really promise that NB Stabilizer's systems are worth that much more, in terms of price/performance?" - The answer is YES. I do hope to see you at the NAB, so I wouldn't have to promise, but you could see for your self.



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Hi Nir,


Thanks for your reply. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into your development and production of your products...I'm just curious though...what was it about the old rigs you were using that prompted you to say, "This isn't what I want out of a system", or "I think I can design this to work better"...?


I ask because, through this forum, I have been learning that the history of Steadicam, especially the early history, is built upon people who were almost always making modifications to the first generation designs, constantly experimenting and refining..and those refinements and additions have made their way into the big rigs (and the small ones too) over the years... so one could say that a modern, off the shelf system is fairly refined already, and covers the majority of the needs of the contemporary Steadicam operator...?


With that being said, although I don't know how people will receive your designs or products, its seems that a spirit of invention and refinement has driven the technical end of Steadicam, so maybe you're ahead of the curve, so to speak...in any case, thanks for your reply, and good luck at NAB!



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I think this will answer your questions:



After 11 years of Steadicam operating, in which I've manufactured all of my equipment by myself, I came up with few important conclusions that guided me in designing and producing the new ultimate mark 3 system.


I wanted it to be light weight, simple, modular, with tough structure, it needed to contain minimum components, to be comfortable, silent, accurate, smooth, and finally, to be able to fold into one box.

It took me two years to get to this simplicity and minimization, but I can now say it was defiantly accomplished. The Stabilizer can carry any camera, from DSLR to Alexa, all thanks to a compact 2.6Kg arm, powered by rubber bands, with minimum components that works silently and smooth, with a large boom and weight range. I'm proud to say that a tough, simple and light weight structure design took over the heavy, noisy, complex and limited spring arm.

The Sled was also built to be tough and simple, with minimum components. It is super modular, can easily be assembled and disassembled, change and add components in no time. The Sled has enough outputs to all accessories that may need power. The top stage and gimbal are not only strong, precise and smooth, but can also be easily assembled and disassembled. The Vest weights only 3.3 Kg.

It is super comfortable and silent and contains minimum components. The whole Stabilizer is made out of the most appropriate materials with best coating exists, which allows minimum maintenance simply dusting.


Thanks to The Stabilizer's lightness, smoothness and accuracy, the operator's performance becomes sharper and much much better. If you are an experienced operator, you'll definitely appreciate The Stabilizer and it's clear advantages comparing to all existing systems. As a beginner, you would definitely want to begin with the best system in the market, to empower your operating abilities.


All in one box.

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