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dave garbett

steadicam ultra 1 complete kit for sale - including 3 channel preston

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Hi there,

i'm selling my much loved and well maintained steadicam ultra 1, with preston (2) remote focus

this is a complete kit ready to go.

the arm has been serviced recently with new springs. each joint has been replace in the last 5 years.

i will take some detailed photos asap.

Kit includes:

steadicam ultra sled

arm, vest

3 channel preston, handset (2)\, three x motors, digital microforce, mdr, 3 x batteries )new cells

8 x IdX batteries (v- lock)

cables = motor, power, bnc's etc (with back ups)

teradek bolt 1 x tx, 2 x RX

cases for everything.

i'm in the process of writing up a complete inventory. - there's a load of stuff.

if you would like to see photos i can email.



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