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Our PAG vs Anton / Bauer vs IDX vs Blueshape battery test!

Michael Shu

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Hey Guys,


Just wanted to share a fun battery test series we worked on with the help of EVS in Burbank.


Some surprising (and in some cases not so surprising) results from these batteries.




More episodes coming! I hope you enjoy and that our sense of humor isn't too offensive!

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Thanks for the feedback, everybody!


Lol guys, my channel was really meant to be more fun info than dry and boring, and I wanted to see how free to push the boundaries on production value and humor on this one.


I didn't mean to offend anybody, but we're just a couple of filmmakers who aren't ashamed of showing a bit of the humor that keeps things light on set. I know it's not for everybody though. I hope at least the data proves useful.


Regarding the battery testing, I actually pre-tested each control runtime and charge test about 4 times between two batteries to test for variations, which is what I had the free time (and budget for batteries) to do, to make sure what actually ended up on the time lapse was accurate. The heat and cold tests were not as easy to to multiple tests of, so it was on on-screen discovery.


I know that having just two batteries each test wasn't ideal, thus our little disclaimer we put in the video.


Thanks again for the feedback guys! It helps me figure out what the audience likes to see.

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