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Tiffen 24v Battery Kit for Sale

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I am selling my 24v Battery Kit. It includes:


(4) Tiffen 24V Batteries w/ 5 LED Meter

(1) PAG 301 Charger (Single Charger)

(1) PAG 304 Charger (4 Bank Charger)

(2) Charging Pads

Anvil Case


Everything is on its way to Tiffen. The (4) Batteries will be re-celled and will be "virtually" brand new when you get them. Retail on the kit is around $7500.00.


My asking price is $4800 OBO.


My Terms are as follows: I'll accept Personal/Company Checks (5 day hold), Cashier Checks, Money Orders, or I can accept Visa or Mastercard through my business. Shipping will be from Tiffen in LA, so please figure shipping rates based on that.


Please email with any questions. Thanks,



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All gear is ready and waiting at the Tiffen factory.


All (4) batteries have been recelled and serviced.


Both Chargers have been serviced.


Please feel free to contact Kyle Young (Customer Service Rep at Tiffen) if you have any questions. I'm sure he can provide an un-biased answer to any question regarding their condition, etc. (818) 843-4600 x17


Again, I am asking for $4800, or best offer, for this kit. Retail for the kit new is over $7500.

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