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Deep in your heart... Deepest in mine...

Amando Crespo

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Hi guys!...

I so long time out this forum...

But, I am here again.

My post...

My post Is coming from my heart.

Few month ago, for a special Tv. program, I had the opportunity to re-create one of the best and most famous steadicam shots done by GARRET BROWN.

"Child in the corridor with 3 wheels"... From "Shinning" film

Is stupid.. It was stupid, may be... but... when the director told me about the shot he wanted,... Inside me, my heart, my brain... All inside me was in shock. It was the opportunity to do (recreate) one of the most famous shoot at the steadicam story. "THE SHOOT"... "I SHOULD HAVE TO DO THE SAME... Mr. BROWN DID SO LONG TIME AGO...". Nervous...

Nervous, nervous, exciting, and....

This is the shot.

It is not edited or stabilized... This is the original file from camera...

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks in advance.


May be in this link


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