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Sled Coffin

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I'm looking for a case or something close to it to store my sled on the camera truck shelf without having to dismantle the gear. Don't want to remove a thing except the camera.

I would trick it out with foam of course.

Any ideas?






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Nice Job Victor. The foam is pretty cool. I'm looking for a case big enough that I don't have to collapse the sled at all.

Being lite is a requirement as well. I may have found it but for some reason I can't paste the link in this space.

Anyone know why?





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I use the pelican 1730 and pull out the rear hinge pins so the lid comes compltely off. Just pull off the batts and it goes right in. I wanted the assistants to have to do as little as possible -- just pull the sled out and put on the stand/cart

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I had a custom coffin sewn for my sled to fit right on top of my cart. All I do is fold my monitor back and lay it right in, batteries and all. Also has room for my arm, Jerry Hill docking bracket, J-bracket, and other odds & ends. It was sewn by Ken Nemetchek of Alberta Visual Communications. Ken has sewn soft goods for years up here and has the expertise and equipment to do it properly. He also shoots and directs corporates and drama, so understands the business. He can be contacted at ken@abvc.ca. Be prepared to pay around $1000 Cnd, but it is very nicely and robustly made.


Pardon the additional cheap foam in the picture, I shoved that in there. Ken cuts foam blocks with Velcro on them so you can move them around to your satisfaction.






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