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I'm currently shooting with an Alexa on my MKV rig and while I can handle normal low mode was wondering about super low mode, can anyone give me any advice, the sled I have is a 1.5" post and with the Alexa and bits its heavy enough to extend the post already.




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Your best bet is probably a low mode bracket, with various length arm posts. Personally I use a nexus with the 2 in 4 stage post. With the post extended I can always get it floor scraping low or ceiling scraping high, by adding a Hytron to the bottom of the already heavy base of my sled (I always fly a gen 1 cinetronic and 3 dionics). Having the luxury of the super post that is the method I prefer to use. I mainly bring it up because the mkv is obviously modular, so it is the much more expensive option, but it is an option.

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