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Joseph Ward

Equipment for sale

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Hi All,

\I am selling off a ton of my gear. Items for sale: Apochromat Kinoptic F2 100MM Macro Lens ( PL Mount), Arri III Generation I 35MM Camera and 3 400'Mags--PL Mount--Video Door and Tap--CE Crystal Base, 3-120FPS---REALLY CHEAP, INNOVISION PROBE I System complete with 3 different mounts, ---- Arri MB14 6x6 Matte Box ( 3 stage w 139 spin ring), Arri II Complete Follow Focus system (15MM studio set up), Arri Mini Follow Focus system ( 15MM setup), Chrosziel Super 16 wide angle Swing Away Matte Box ( eyebrow, side doors, 15MM set up, adapter to use in studio set up), Chrosziel Single sided Follow Focus ( 15MM set up), Arri Sliding Base Plates, Arri Bridge Plates, 2 steadicam cheese plates, 3x3 Clip-on matte Box ( clips on to 80mm front, Tilt Plates, 138MM Filters ( ND's, Clears, Enhancer, 85's, ) , 4x5.6 set of Low Cons, 4x5.6 Soft Blk Nets, 4x5.6 Corals, etc,etc., 6x6 Filters--ND Grads, Sunset Grads, Chocolate Grads, Apricot Grads, Blue Grads, Coral Grads, etc, etc, Antique Suede, Corals, SFT EFX, 6x6 Hard Mattes, 6x6 to 4x5.6 Filter Trays, 4x5.6 Filter Frame for netting--very hard to find,---Many Travel cases!!Other items as well--let me know what you might be looking for.

Everything is at BLOW OUT PRICES!!! Please call if you have any questions at all!!! I can send photos of anything you are interested in.




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