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Movecam Stablizer sistem

Pedro Silva

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Hi, all!


Has anyone tried the Movcam Stablizers?


The design is very similar to MK-v and Steadicam brands, but wonder if do they have the same quality and performance?

Just for curiosity!





P.S: sorry for the error, "system" and not "sistem"

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Hi Pedro

Looks are very deceiving with these systems .I have tested many of the Movcam systems and at best are average .They copy(rip off) many of the

Steadicam brands mostly Tiffen .When I look at buying a system I look for Quality materials, Reputation ,Backup /support ,resale .For these reason

I would look else were.

Just my 2 cents worth ok .Good luck


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Hi Louis!


I totally agree whith you. I think the expertise and background of brands like Steadicam, MK-v, Pro, Sachtler speaks for themselves.

Just liked to know from other experiences of other operatores with Movcam stablizers. Here in Portugal it is not very easy to try several brands of stablizers, and so I posted.




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I have a used Avant T system and its good but not the best. For ENG jobs its fine u dont need a luxury rig sorry but a lot of Op´s here are like u always need to go for a Bentley / ferrari for what please ?? well if u work every day for 10 years fuk up your back and sit anothers 10 on your sofa go for it ! For very regluar shots, TV, Commercial and live its very good . You can modify some parts by yourself like quickreleases, gimbal and maybe a better vest but thats enough. The pro max arm and the avant arm are really rugget/solid i like it the only problem is to find one in europe most dealers ar in Australia/Asia/NewZealand and it does well there. I had 2 Sachtler Rigs before EFP Pro Hd and Cine and they are way to expensive.


regards, Patrick


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It all depends on your "standards" I guess when you start in this industrie with zero experience and zero budget, this could help out to make a start. In the starting days you dont know yet wich system you prefer, so something cheap will not be a painfull experience if you want to get ride of it after a while. I work as an op for the last 15 to 18 years, started with glidecam stuff and learned my way up. Now i use my equipment every single day and do lots of high paid high end jobs with it. I cant afford any downtime of my equipment and for my clients who pay high rates for you, you also cant show up with a cheap knock off system that can fail any moment. The saying: you get what you pay for, is the best advice i can give you. Cheap dasn't exist in our work. One way or another, you are gonna pay for it. Buying cheap and trying to rebuild or upgrade it, costs more in the end then doing it right from the start. But again, as a starting rig, we all started with something cheap.......

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