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andrea immaginario

broken screw

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HI Andrea,


Back in the day when I just had a little flycam to play with I bent the arm, seems like a standard story with these rigs haha. I got in touch with cinecity in india where they are made and managed to get hold of some replacement parts so I'd try there.



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Yes, I've seen failure in the same basic part from a different manufacturer a long time ago - (one that is no longer making stabilizers, I think).

Parts may look the same and have the same dimensions, but the specifications, including strength, can be quite different.


That screw broke once.... so I'd be inspecting the replacement one all the time for cracks or bending. Just a word of caution.

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4 years is really young for a sled, some ops are rocking 20 years old rigs, still rocking and flying great. Just thoroughly inspect your equipment, and even more so now that you ran int a failure. Keep flying and make great images, but above all, stay safe.


PS: what kind of accident was it? when did it break? Did you get hurt? How can you avoid getting into this accident in the future?

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