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Favorite Preston MDR3 Mounting Bracket

Walter F. Rodriguez

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A fellow machinist and I designed a lightweight bracket that could mount the MDR to the rear of the camera without adding any length or height. We wanted the antenna to be away from the operator's head and the cables to run "north-south" instead of into the operator's head out the side. We wanted the same bracket to work on the XT or Mini. He has since designed a similar bracket for the MDR3 (I only own an MDR2) which allows you to orient the MDR in any of 4 directions. Pictured is the original for my MDR2 on the XT, as well as the revised orientable MDR3 on a Mini.


He ran a batch of the orientable brackets for MDR2 and MDR3 and has a few left in stock (fully anodized) if interested.





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The 4-way orientable ones (not really pictured) are $425 CAD, or $320 USD. They are made in Canada.

I'm trying to get some pictures of the 4-way orientable ones, you can maybe kind of see it in the picture of the Mini. Of course, the finished versions are anodized and come with replacement screws for the MDR3 (requires longer screws to replace stock MDR3 top cover screws) I even had him machine 4 little tapped holes in the bracket so you can have a place to store the stock MDR3 screws! He has about a dozen MDR2 and a dozen MDR3 brackets in stock.


The attachment to the camera is the standard Arri 3/8 captive screw with double pins and follows the curve profile of the top handle.

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