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Paul Gillot

my first rig / steadicam

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Hey guys, need advices.

I took a workshop in Philly last November. Was my first experience with a steadicam. Really like it. Currently, I'm a first AC / camera operator (starting as). I'm looking to buy my first rig. Got few advices already.

- buy used rig for start. I wish i could. Pretty sure I could save a lot of money. Thing is I don't see one that fit me. Probably it would be good to start with something light to start, but I would have to buy better in 1-2 years (less maybe). Light also means I have to refuse job (when I would have more experience, with heavy camera)

So. I was looking to buy new. Artemis. They seem so sell good stuff. And not as expensive as Pro or Steadicam.

What do you guys thinks?

Any good advices…?

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