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AB Hytron 140 and what charger


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Hello, pardon me if the answer to this is somewhere else in the forum. I could not find it. I have some AB Hytron 140 batteries. When researching a charger the manual said that Interactive series charges all work with these batteries. So I purchased a used Anton Bauer Lifesaver Quad Battery Fast Charger Logic Series.


Then when I read other documents it said something about a software upgrade to version 3.2 or higher, that needs to be done for it to work. Then another document that said this charger with serial number 8000 or higher works with these batteries.


Now I am not sure if that means only the serial number 8000 or higher can work with it since it already has the software upgrade or that 8000 or higher will work with it but needs the updated software.


Its seems such a pain. I wish they just had a way to let the end user flash the units themselves. I am really confused at this point to what chargers will work with these batteries (older used ones at an affordable price).


Any feedback would be great. I am trying to find a charger used cheap that will charge these batteries. They have a charge now but I am not sure for how long.


Thanks in advance for any help you might have.

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