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Rich Steel

Thought I'd share a recent SUPERWIDE project with all you guys

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Hi Folks,


Just uploaded a recent project I shot for a client. Using the Sony Z1 (PAL) and was graded in post. Apologies for the size of the file (65Mb) but the quicktime codec retains the image quality really well. Almost forgot to say that the movie is presented in a seriously SUPERWIDE aspect, so when I was framing shots I had to remind myself the director was only interested in 1/3 of the image.


Not overly impressed with the grading but thats the feel the director wanted.


Anyways, go to the the link below and click on the recent projects page.


Comments and feedback always welcome.




I'm the one in the red jacket.......doing my cameo appearance.


One last thing, the movie was shown on a giant 60ft wide screen and took over 36 hours to render the grading.

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