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how to balance my spinning stabilizer

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Hi everyone !

This question seems to be pretty easy but I watched every tutorial on youtube and it seems they don't talk about a full stabilization.

My steadicam is actually well balanced (left-right and front-back) and the drop-time is about 3sec. The thing is when I put the steadicam "foot" at the horizontal position to do this drop test it takes 3 seconds to be at the vertical position but while it rotates it spins on its axis. When i watched the videos on youtube the camera doesn't spin. It is pretty problematic because when my rig is not totally vertical it starts to spin. Have you ever experienced this? What is the solution?


Thanks for your help !

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Hi, your issue is that your rig, while in static balance (camera horizontal while it's not moving), it is not in dynamic balance (it wobbles when you make it spin) Here is a great video explaining how to fix that:


To eliminate the possiblity of a mechanical issue, check your gimbal centering: http://www.tiffen.com/images/content/U2_GimbalCentering.pdf


I would also recommend if you haven't already, look into attending to a workshop to learn how to properly build your rig and operate it in a good posture to avoid injuring yourself.

What rig are you using?


Fly safe.

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