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John Ritter

Info on Switronix or Pag batteries on an Anton Bauer charger

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I have an interesting question....

I have not had the opportunity to test out any of the new Switronix or Pag batteries that will charge on an Anton Bauer charger.


I would like to know what is displayed on the LCD screen when one of those batteries are put on an Anton Bauer charger.

I.E. Dionic 90 will display as Dionic 90, HC will display as Dionic HC, etc. etc.

What does it show for Switronix batteries or Pag models?


Obviously a non LCD charger will only go with the red & green LED's I am interested in

the display out put on a model 2702 quad or a 2722 dual charger.


Regards John Ritter

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