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Deborah Martone

Press Release! Attn" All Steadicam Operators

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There’s a new Steadicam agent in town. MARTONE MGMT has added Steadicam operators to their roster.

I’ve represented DPs since 1997. First as the Agent/Owner of A…List Artists. Now as the Agent/Owner of MARTONE MGMT.

Do you feel lost in a big agency? Feeling ignored? Ready to make a change in representation?

MARTONE MGMT is a small but mighty talent agency for Commercial Directors, Director/DPs, Directors of Photography and Steadicam Operators.

Let me help you get work! No one gets lost at MM. I market my clients and submit them for projects everyday. I bust my ass to get them work. I care. I never give up!

Reel Submissions:

If you are seeking representation, please send your reels/resume and steadicam package details to MARTONE MGMT via email to submissions@martonemgmt.com



Deborah Martone




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