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Simon Jayes

Comprehensive Preston HU-3 G4 Blue Dot Kit For Sale

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Comprehensive Preston HU-3 G4 Blue Dot Kit For Sale $29,000




HU-3 not shown as it is being totally refurbished to look like new.


Here's what's in the kit:

HU-3 FI+Z Control (Totally Refurbished)

HU-3 Focus Marker Rings (Qty. 6)

Removable Handgrip

Focus / Iris Unit

Focus / Iris Marker Rings (Qty. 12)

MicroForce Digital Control

MDR-2 Motor Driver w/ Microwave Tranceiver and Antenna

Digital Motor DM-1X (Very New)

Digital Motor DM-2

Digital Motor DM-2

Radio Microforce Module

FM-50 Battery (Qty. 7)

FM-50 Dual Battery Charger

0.80M Output Gear ) 0.50" Wide

48pitch Gear (Panavision Zoom

64pitch Gear (Panavision Iris) (Qty. 2)

0.50M pitch Gear (Canon Video)

0.60M pitch Gear (Fuji Video) (Qty 2)

Bracket: MicroForce to HU-3

Main Command Cable 30'

Motor Cable w/ right angle connectors (Qty 2)

Motor Cable w/ one right angle and one straight connector (Qty. 3)

Cable: Digital MicroForce to Radio MicroForce

Power Cable: 12v (4pin XLR, pin 1 -ve, pin 4+ve)

Power Cable: 24v (3pin XLR, pin 1 +ve, pin 2 -ve)

Power Cable: 24v Panavision (2pin Lemo S)

Power Cable: 12v P-Tap

Power Cable: 24v Arri / Moviecam (3 pin Fischer)

Camera Cable: Arriflex 235/435/535/SR3/Moviecam (3pin Fischer)

Camera Cable: Panavision (10pin Lemo)

Camera Cable: Panavision HD (12pin Lemo) (Qty. 2)

Camera Cable: Arri 435/535/SR3 Speed-Shutter (Y-Cable)

Cable: CineTape Interface ("$600" cable)

Cable: Digital MicroForce to HU-3 (Bracket Mount)

MDR Modular Bracket with 15mm & 5/8" Sleeve (Qty. 3)

MDR Screw-On Bracket

15mm PAM Arm (Qty 3)

15mm Clamp-on PAM Arm

19mm Clamp-on PAM Arm

5/8" PAM Arm (Qty 3)

5/8" Clamp-0n PAM Arm (Qty3)

PAM Rosette Clamp (Qty 3)

PAM Extension Rosette

PV FF to PAM Rosette Adapter (Rodrigues Bracket)

Neck Strap

Gooseneck LED Light for Single Channel (2)

15mm Iris Rod to Square Adapter

Cable Pouches

Pelican Case 1610 (modified)



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