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My Dragon eats through HC-Dionics in about 25 minutes (with Bartech FF and Teradek Bolt) and sometimes Small HD monitor so a better battery would be welcome. These look to come in 90WH and 150WH. The HC-Dionics are 91WH. The new cube batteries weigh more 1.8lbs vs 2.2lbs for the same power.


It looks like the only difference is the new cubes have a d-tap.

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Why is the 90 the same size as the 150?




Same case used for both. some cells are left out (blank hole) in the 90 watt model.

The 150 has all the slots filled.

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I have a Tiffen Flyer LE and I bought two of the CINE 90wh batteries. I like them for the flyer because they add a lot of mass (and size) at the bottom and I find they work well for me. They are lasting the whole day on one charge because I'm only powering my Bartech and Monitor (occasional Teradek). And because they are carbon they are the same weight as an HC Dionic.


That being said I do not plan on buying more of them because they are too chunky. I want to upgrade to a larger rig eventually and don't want the monitor rods to bump into those cubes causing me to lose out on some adjustability.


These CINE cubes are super great for the backs of cameras like the REDs and any other cube shaped camera in my opinion.

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