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Lewis Morgan

Steadicam advice

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Hi guys,


I have to give a presentation and write a report as part of a university project on a particular career path in the film industry, I'm focusing on steadicam operators, as that's what I aspire to be.


If any of you guys could give a brief outline on how you got into the industry as a steadicam operator.

What your first rig was and what rig you use now?

Did you do a course or are you self trained?

And any tips on getting that first break as an operator.


Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any help!

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Why don't you find a local op and interview him/her. Find a rental house and go there and try one on?


First hand observation for this skill you aspire to is really the way to do this.


Even if it's hours away make the effort.


Good luck but us answering your questions is too easy.



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Hi Janice,


Thanks for the reply. I've already spoken to an operator and got some great answers although I only have a week to prep this presentation so meeting more operators isn't doable as of yet. So getting some answers via this forum is really handy.

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