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Longplates for Steadicam

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Good afternoon,


I am announcing the new production run of the Zalex Longplate. The first run of 60 plates is now in use from Tokyo to Turkey, from Cape Town to California.


This dovetail plate is designed to lock into all of the popular stages for stabilizers:

* Tiffen Large Stage.
* PRO.
* XCS.
* Sachtler.
* Betz.

-- And any other stage made that accepts plates made for these rigs.


º 18" / 45.72 cm long.

º Extra thick 6061 aluminum plate guarantees no vibration.

º Comes with both socket head safety catch screws for Tiffen / Betz stage AND slots for safety lock design used on PRO/ XCS design.

º Comes with custom machined hardware allowing machine screws sized both 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 to be used for mounting items.

º Comes with new accessory kit to allow use of the Longplate mounted directly against the bottom of Arri Alexa, Amira ( with shoulder mount ) and Sony broadcast camera bottom designs. This eliminates any other mounting plate. Eliminates weight, added height and potential for vibration.

º There is a "Tiffen/ Betz" end of the plate that has mounting holes for the new Tiffen follow focus bracket system designed by Jerry Holway. There is blank metal at that end for use in drilling mounting holes for any other follow focus rod mount brackets in use.

º The " PRO/ XCS/ Sachtler " end has a generous blank area so that any hole pattern may be made for any other follow focus rod mount brackets in use.

º Price for Longplate + accessories at $ 300.00 USD. PayPal is the only payment method accepted. Shipping is free to the lower 48 United States. Shipping Internationally including Canada is calculated by destination. Shipping costs are NEVER marked up.

To place an order do not reply here. Please contact me directly at: peter@steadicamproductionservices.com or send a PM to me.

None of the photos used on the Zalex Accessories page are staged. All Longplate shots are of the plate in use on set.


Here is the link to the Facebook Zalex Steadicam Accessories page.


Note: Steadicam® is a Registered Trademark of The Tiffen Company.

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