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Kiel Michael Eulberg

Renting Bigger Rigs

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I wanted to talk to the community here because I am looking into renting rigs that can handle more weight and operate smoother as I transition into getting a big rig of my own. I am a Los Angeles based Steadicam op with a flyer LE package, which is becoming too small a weight load and too flimsy for me. I trained on an Ultra 1 rig and I miss the heavier system like crazy. I understand that to accommodate a bigger arm and sled I would need to purchase a vest with the standard size sockets. Is there anyone familiar with anyone who rents rigs? Thanks for reading, cheers.



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Hi! I wanted to re-open this topic! Looks like camera support still rents, but anyone know any other places in LA? Would love to be able to get my hands on a big rig for more practice and gigs (hopefully) Thanks!

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