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Stephen Press

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So my kid?s school was putting on a Wearable Arts show. I knew very little about it as only the senior school was involved not my kids who are in the junior school. But on the day I get a call to bring my daughters along because they are in the opening act. No worries. As I arrive the principle says the guy they had arranged to shoot the show was not going to make it.

I had just finished a 2 day shoot for an arts program so all my kit in the car, even a DVCam back for the Sony D35. I said ok. Then I said how long is it? He said 40 min. So I thought what the hell I?ll give the kids a thrill and shoot it on the rig.

It was a good show, I got unlimited access and I got to fly the rig all over, lots of funky angles, goose necks, spins etc. and was having a good time? alright I was showing off, but the 40 min stretched out to 2 full on hours and I had already been flying the rig all day and now I hadn?t been pacing myself. I was bathed in sweat and dying but in front of my kids and their friends I couldn?t stop. Pride is a terrible thing. If I had been working on a real production I would have called it, but I just kept going. I can?t believe what an idiot I was. By the time we finished I thought I had ruined my lower back and for what? A Kids Show?

Fortunately a hot bath and a weekend to recover and physically I got away with it? this time.

But just a reminder for me we are only human. You can only push it so far.

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