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Michael Binder

Smooth walking ....

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I always felt it more logical to use the hand I write with as it has finer control - and this could be used on the gimbal - my left hand, well can't write for toffee, but does have power, so I can control the boom of the arm - I operate "goofy" (or "cack-handed" as someone I met recently referred to it) and feel it's most comfortable, plus all the camera controls are right by you.


There is one thing I did notice, watching the Rocky (1) DVD, there was a feature about Steadicam (check the spelling on the menu) - and the very early footage of Garrett was goofy - I have been reliably informed that he can operate both sides, but find it interesting the early stuff was done that way....


Just my 2 cents.



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I bet you need plenty of power in both hands to fend off Liz theese days now shes at full healf again.


"Cack handed" havent herd that for years, thats propper working class northan slang for ya !

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