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Ultra 2 Vest For Sale

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Hey everyone, so I'm looking to upgrade my vest to a GPI Pro vest, and I'm looking to sell my Ultra 2 vest and make this a quick exchange. I've personally owned the vest for four years now after I purchased it used. It has the normal wear and tear you would expect. The only real issue is the right shoulder buckle locking screw broke off so you would need to re-drill it and get another screw from Tiffen (hence the bongo tie). But that's nothing that effects the functionality of the vest.


Also, the top of the shoulder pads have been shaved down a bit in an attempt to make it fit my shoulders better. If you're concerned at all concerned about it, and are in LA, you're more than welcome to try it on first.


$3,300 OBO, buyer pays shipping.


E: aaron.gantt@gmail.com
C: 704.322.6889


Photos: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SteadicamGearBuySellRentSwap/permalink/1761565364074624/

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