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John Takenaka

Upgrade to Pro 2 Sled or get a Titan Pro Arm?

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I have a Pro 1 sled with a 3a arm and 3a gimbal and wanted some advice. Should I spend 10k on a SD Pro 2 sled with a db2, Pro gimbal, battery rack 2 or save my $ and get a pro titan arm? What do you guys think? "Pros" and Cons...

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Dear John,


Not sure which is the best choice for you.


I do not have much experience but I can tell you how I would do.


If I were you, I would check that the vest fits good for me and the gimbal does not drifts.

After that I would check to have no vibrations on the sled and to have a solid top stage.

If I am happy with that, then I would think first to have an arm I am happy with and only then I will go back to think about a new sled.


So for me the answer is (in order to archive the best shoot): the vest, then I would check the sled (gimbal, top stage, vibrations), then the arm and only at last a new sled.



Anyway wait for someone with more experience than me answer this question.



All the best,


Abramo :)

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Hi John.


I used a 3A arm for years after buying my PRO sled. The 3A arm is a quality arm. Good, solid and proven. I do have a PRO arm now and absolutely love it. My sled has also been upgraded to HD. Personally, if the choice is between an SD sled and a PRO arm, I'd go for the arm. If HD isn't a priority for you then it's a no brainer to me. That being said... Do you use PRO batteries on your sled now or has it been modified? How easy is it to get batteries for your sled? How important is an HD sled to you? A sled can be upgraded to HD.


Lots to think about.



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Thank you everyone for your input.

Sean, I had a modified Pro 1 battery rack that could take Dionics. But I have recently upgraded to a Pro Battery Rack 2.


Yes I think the Titan arm is the way to go and then upgrade the sled later. Thanks everyone!

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