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What model of Alexa plate is the best?

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I need to buy plate for Alexa. There a lots of them on the market, but which is most universal. I hear there are different kind of Alexa (Plus and Studio). Cam-tec makes plate for Sony V-mount and Alexa in one model. Could you help me to choose best option please?




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I have the cam-tec plate which has a sony eng type interface and integrates a dovetail into the plate so it attached directly to the top stage minimising weight and height. I also got one of the cam-tec wedge adapters in case the camera doesn't come with it's own ;) Absolutely perfect for quick swaps on and off as everything remains in place so no need to rebalance. It's a well made, solid plate and am very happy with it, it is one of the more expensive options though ;)


Here's the one for the narrow Tiffen dovetails (like my Clipper):



And the one for standard larger dovetails:




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I bought the CamTec plate a couple of years ago...it's the ONLY plate I've used since.....The ONLY plate I've used since.

Sony, Panasonic, Alexa, Alexa XT, Arri Mini, Arri Amira, Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Ikegami, The ONLY......

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