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Christopher Kechichian

6" or 8" Transvideo Cinemonitor X-SBL Evolution?

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Hey everyone,


So I'm looking to upgrade from my old 6" Transvideo monitor to the newer daylight viewable one but I'm lost with which size to choose. The price difference is negligible and the number of nits is quite enough in both so they're not a factor to consider.


However I'm more interested in the pros and cons of each one in terms of weight (is the big one too heavy and might cause vibrations?), framing (is the smaller one easier to scan quickly?)(does the bigger size help see minor details in the frame?) etc.



Thanks for all the feedback.




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Hi, Chris!


I have had the 8" version since October 2015.

I know, that majority of the Transvideo owners prefer the 6" version, but I'm very happy with my 8" monitor. It was bound to vibrations with the Churchill bracket (as on the picture), but lately I got the solid Transvideo mount and it works very well.


8" is also "only" 1500 nits, as opposed to the 2000 nit 6" monitor. It's sufficient for me, as it has also the "full bright" mode, which kicks all the settings to max, while still showing very decent image only with moderate blue cast (not good for lighting the scene or judging the colors).


All the best!

Ants Martin


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The majority of operators 10:1 ratio buys the HD6. Maybe an indication? On a smaller rig like yours, I would not personally use the HD8.


Also, there's a function in the Menu called INPUT PROFILE, set that to LINEAR and you will have a much brighter image on occasion, for outdoors or nightwork.

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