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Ronin adapter plate for Zephyr arm

Bo Hallen

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Hello everybody! Hope all is well!

I've recently been tasked with shooting some basic pov shots of houses for several real estate companies. my friend, who manages the Atlanta branch of this company, uses the Ronin with 5dmkIII just walks from exterior of home to front door, room to room, and so on...

He wants me to use his Ronin as it is very run n gun style shoots. I tried one out last night. It was a small house, 5 rooms, living room, kitchen, front & back yards. Probably held that thing up for about 20 minutes (off and on). My arms, shoulders are very sore today. I know there are adapter plates to configure a Ronin, Movi, etc. for a Steadicam vest & arm. Has anyone tried this before? Does anyone know where I can purchase such an adapter?

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