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Glidecam GOLD rig - 2inch post, lots of extra bits.

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Well, the time has come to part ways with my love! I'm selling off all my steadicam kit. I've throughly enjoyed myself but work has me in a different direction and it's pointless having all this kit sitting in boxes. I'm selling my Glidecam GOLD 2inch post sled, arm and vest along with all the other bits I have kicking around. Also selling my Bartech system in a seperate ad. I did mostly live tv work and commercials, this rig has been a killer system, I'll miss her.


Here is a link to the official Glidecam site for all the specs and tech talk:



#NOTE# My sled has the 'anton bauer' base with V-Lock plates.


Included in sale:


SLED (HDSDI internally)



Docking bracket (no stand)

2 x pelican 1650 cases. The sled case has a removable lid for tools and spare bits. Everything in the photo is included, tools, cables, talley light etc - (the two blue cases aren't included, they are part of a Vocas kit, I just forgot to take them out for the photo!)

Blue wedge plate with Sony VCT plate

Jerry Hill hard mount - BRAND NEW, never used

Spare vest ratchets NEW x 4

Spare yellow wedge plate

Triax header cable

2 x extra docking stands - I used on on my magliner

Marell 3 way bubble with elastic strap

Low mode cage

Padded arm bag

Collapsable wind break, custom made with clear viewing panel

Extended post for arm - get that extra length you've always wanted

Tally for Sony cameras - use the viewfinder plug

various BNC cables and a sled to 4pin XLR cable for monitor


I'm throwing in a Marshal 7inch LCD. I think this monitor is a piece of crap but I have no use for it so I'll chuck it in. It'd be fine to throw in the kit as a back up but it's only good for indoor situations. (piece of shit!)


My heart breaks a little to see her go but it's time. Kit is located in LA and can be viewed in person. Let me know any questions you might have,












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I know how you feel :( It was a sad day 3 years when I sold my Gold sled with Steadyrig Silver Spring arm and 3A vest. I've regretted not having something to fly ever since so ..... I just bought a 2003 vintage Tiffen Steadicam Mini (pre-Flyer) which will still easily carry my BMD Ursa Mini 4.6K with accs. It allows me to go to that happy place again when it's needed.


Hope you manage to deal with the withdrawal okay :blink:




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