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Bartech focus / iris - 3 motor complete kit

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A reluctant sale of my Bartech remote focus kit. I'm selling my entire steadicam kit with a change of direction for my work so it's all up for grabs. This is a very complete kit that can go to work right away.

HedÈn M28VP with .4 .5 .6 .8 gears
M-One with .4 .5 .6 .8 plus spares (plus extra wide .8 gear)
HedÈn M26P (this is the older style horizontal motor, nice back up if nothing else)

Aaton to BFD power
Aaton camera run
Panaflex to BFD power+camera run

Glidecam BFD power
4 x motor cables
Right angled motor cable

BFD to BFD piggyback short
BFD to BFD piggyback long

Dtap and 4 pin XLR power cables

24v Arri / Movicam power / run cable
Arri 12V to BFD power

Red camera remote run

Data cable / hard wire for backup in case of interference.

2 x butterfly clamps to hold focus / iris units together.

2 x neck straps


Extra white marking strips





Kind of bummed to sell this kit but I don't use it so time to let it go. It's pretty bloody rock solid and has never let me down. I spent an enormous amount of cash on this kit, feels like a crime to let this go but such is life! Thanks.


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