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Zhongju Tan

Changing monitor on Zephyr

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Hi, I'm about to buy a used Zephyr without the monitor. I'm thinking of using a smallHD 702 for its brightness. Will it be able to mount securely and no wobble will happen?

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Hi Zhongju - you should be able to use that monitor without any issues, as it looks pretty light weight.


You might want to consider contacting Frederic Sturm for his printed Zephyr monitor yoke:



It's a really good upgrade over the stock Zephyr mounting system, in my opinion. I use it with a SmallHD DP7 HB, and it's pretty solid. I can get some vibration if I really try, but it so much easier to position and balance, especially when flipping over to low mode.


Not sure if he's still making them, but it might be worth asking.


good luck!

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