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The Viper 300 - better than Teradek?

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Viper 300 was released earlier this year; it was unveiled at BVE 2016. A zero-latency HD-SDI video link with innovative manual channel selection and zero interference issues, the Viper 300 is perfect for multi-camera productions. Optical Support sell (and rent out) the units with either single or twin receivers, with the transmitter simply docking onto any V-Loc battery plate - giving you the ability to turn a range of cameras into versatile wireless camera systems.


Aside from being compact and lightweight (0.5kg per receiver/0.4kg per transmitter,) The Viper 300 allows for manual channel selection to avoid interference issues when working in a multiple-camera scenario. When coupled with its >300 metre range, the Viper becomes a powerhouse of a video link - even when compared to some of its more established competitors. The Viper 300 provides more range and less interference at a more economical price.

Chris Jordan, freelance London-based grip, was more than happy when he took the Viper on a shoot - remarking there was "no breakup at all" and that the Viper has a "good size transmitter as well".

Used these at the beginning of the year. Its up there with the teradeck 2000. Highly recommend for camera dept peeps https://t.co/wS9ZCHfCq1

— Andy Jones (@AndyJones53) June 7, 2016

The Viper 300 will be on sale at £3,500 (down from £3,995) for a single receiver package, or £5,000 (from £5,500) for the twin receiver package during the whole of June 2016, to celebrate our newest batch of Viper 300 units - which are now available for shipping!
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