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Rich Cottrell

Fixed posts

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I am looking to start a conversation on Fixed Length Posts.


A few years ago I got one used [for my XCS sled] and at the time i felt it was too long. So I paid XCS to cut it down to apx 17.5 inches.

I fly the U1 but with a LCS monitor. Until recently I would use one dionic [sometimes two] on the rear of the sled, and a trim pac located under the sled. For most wired broadcast cameras this served me well. Sometimes i might use other batteries for wireless cameras, but when i was on a wired camera, the fixed post [and its new length] worked out well enough for me.


Recently I had a job and i was uncertain as to the weight of the broadcast camera so the night before the gig i went back to my sock telscoping post. While swapping from the fix post to the telescoping post is easy enough, I never like to do that sort of stuff on site unless I have too.


now the advantage of the fixed post over the telescoping post is about a pound in weight. that in not much weight, but if the gig has you in the rig for over three hours, EVERYTHING adds up.


so now I am wondering, what lengths work for other operators. I think My fixed XCS post was 22inches before i had it cut down. the weight change from 22inches to 17.5 was almost nothing; the biggest difference is in balance. If I had the U2 it might be too short. but my first rig was an CP Model 2, so even 17.5 inches is longer then what I first learned on.


anyone else out there using fixed length posts?

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I use a fixed post all the time. But, all the components can slide up and down the post to change the CG. I do have a short post and a "super" post for special situations but very, very, rarely use them. My sled has no built-in wiring, so the posts are just hollow tubes, and there is a a wire bundle that runs through it.


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