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Damien Tessandier

arm post free swinging

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I own a G-70. I've worked a lot with Titan.

I usually fly typical Alexa setup on my Ultra2.


When operating with Titan arms, my arm post can rotate totally freely if I unscrew the locker.

Whereas, with G-70, it looks like I can't get it as smooth and free. My G70 forearm always want to go in the same line as the handle. To do so, it litteraly pulls the armpost away from my body (hope my english is good enough so that you guys can get what I mean ;-)


Besides, with the G-70x, this doesn't seem so accurate, and it feels way better than the G-70.


I love to work with a totally free post, the sled feels way easier to move around, with a light pull in I can see my monitor,...



As any of you ever noticed this move in the Tiffen arms? Is there a way to avoid this?


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Hi Damien,


I also own a G70 and experience the same issue. I use a custom collar I had made that allow me to use my Pro posts. Through it I am able to get some rotation but not as much as I'd like or as much as a Titan would provide. I even resorted to using the absolute smallest amount of viscous lubricant (coconut oil) on the underside of the collar on my post but I hate doing that. Bad precedent to set. Funny enough whenever I've used a 3A with it's simple upper block the post always spun pretty free.


This whole issue is exacerbated by the drag controls on the G70 post dock. Works great with the native Tiffen post system but not so much when using any adaptors.

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