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Pro 2 SD Sled w/HD Line + Accessories

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Hi All,


Selling a Pro 2 SD sled, with an additional HD line down the centerpost + some other goodies.


Pro 2 SD Upper

Pro 2 SD Lower

Pro 2 SD Cable

Pro DB 2 (s/n 34)

Gen 2 Battery Hanger, Anton Bauer

Pro Dovetail, Short -- not pictured

(3) Jumpers -- two of them not pictured

Low Mode Bracket -- not pictured

Pro Gear Gimbal, 1.5"

MK-V Gen 2/Berkey Systems "Franken-Jam" monitor yoke. (see below)

(2) Jerry Hill Gorelock 2 Rings, 1.5" Post

Jerry Hill GAD2 Dock, with Tilt

Pelican 1650 (everything fits in one case)




Some notes about the rig :


I modified this Pro 2 SD rig with an HD line down the center post. You can see the pics for reference. Line is Belden 179DT -- very thin, very flexible. It is attached to the center post cable, and follows the coil of that cable so when you extend or retract the post, the HD line follows suit. Rated at 75 ohms, so it carries whatever signal you want to send down. Will tide you over until you do a full, proper HD conversion.


The line pops out of a hole I drilled into the upper post, and comes out the slot cut out of the bottom post. The upper post is an original Gen 1 (matte black finish), and the bottom post is a newer Gen 1 (glossy black)


With this arrangement, the rig retains all native power connections, SD Line, and modularity. You can remove upper and lower j-boxes. The gimbal can also be removed, but there are a few specific steps that need to be followed, and which I can detail to you if you need to know. The post stages stick a little, but once you break the seal, as it were, it slides smoothly.


Gimbal is a Pro Gear gimbal. Yes, that Pro Gear. If you're not familiar with Pro Gear, search the forum a bit. Apparently it's a copy of GPI Pro's gimbal. Is it as good? I would never say yes, but the gimbal works well, from what I can tell. Problem is the company's out of business, so there's no customer support. You're on your own if something goes down. On the other hand, it is field serviceable, and if you know your way around a gimbal, you can clean, and or replace the parts as necessary. With the matte finish on the upper post, you kind of have to crank down on the quick release kipp handle to keep it from sliding, but once locked in, it's seems solid.


DB2 side to side screw is slightly bent -- happened when it was packed the wrong way in the Pelican it comes in. DB works fine, everything moves like it should, and is vibration free, but you can feel it a bit when you turn the knob. Should be an easy fix, if you want to send it in to GPI.


The monitor yoke is a hodgepodge of pieces. As you can see it's just Berkey 15mm rods and rod ends arranged to mimic the flexibility of popular monitor yokes like the Cam-Jam. It's NOT in any way a replacement for a Cam-Jam, but it works. It allowed me to get the monitor in a place where I liked it, and with little to no vibration. The post clamp is a Gen 2 MK-V for 2" posts, with a 2" to 1.5" step down donut that was 3d printed for the job. There are two screws missing from it (and which I can't find at the hardware store -- see pics), but it doesn't seem to affect the stability of the platform.


With those caveats in mind:


$9000 obo. Buyer to pay shipping. Drop me a PM or mail me at beau800@Gmail.com if you're interested!


Thanks for looking! Pics to follow.








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post-15302-0-46626400-1471421533_thumb.jpg Here you can see there should be 4 screws but there are only 2 there...far as I can tell, they are just M4 screws, but I could never find them long enough at Home Depot.




Let me know if you have any questions!



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