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Preston FIZ 2 Remote Focus

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Everything you need to have a Preston remote focus. Includes Handset 2, MDR2, heavy duty DM1 Motor, , 2 Batteries and Charger, Remote Iris Control w/10ft cable, 12 Focus rings, 3-pin Power cable (red), 3-pin turnover cable (blue), Motor Cable (green). Pelican 1500 Case with dividers also included. When ready to upgrade purchase Handset 3 and replace boards in this MDR.(Cost $7900). Also will sell without DM1 motor if requested. $9800 OBOpost-1879-0-94885400-1472340805_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-25808700-1472340873_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-80443900-1472340905_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-07413500-1472340913_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-76290300-1472340957_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-32821200-1472340975_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-00350000-1472340989_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-43546100-1472340996_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-65137900-1472341003_thumb.jpgpost-1879-0-75668900-1472341009_thumb.jpg

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