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Michael Desiderio

Ikan PD3 focus system?

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I have not used this FIZ, but I have had the PD2 Movie (?) on my rig and it required a lot of attention. constant power cycling and channel shifting after swapping batteries, and the motor had a bit of a high-pitched "zing" sound to it. the remote didnt seem to have rings. not where id put my money, but the owner also owned a dragon and it was a good little setup for him.


i have a ronin and i absolutely hate that it requires the use of phone or ipad. but some people may love that and it may work within your workflow.


its not too expensive to give a try. see if theyll demo a unit to you. i know an AC that was able to get a MovCam system from ikan for a few weeks to test on a show. make sure that they have great customer service and turnaround if you have any issues! i use a chrosziel magnum and they have insanely good (customer) service. i am in contact with them regularly and they address all sorts of things, like firmware ideas to coordinating service.



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