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peter keeling

3A Gimbal Extension?

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Hey all,


I've read a bit about the 3A Gimbal here on the boards, but haven't seen too much recently about what I'm looking for.

Im wondering if anybody knows if there is a company that might make something longer than the typical 3A "Live" Gimbal handle, which has about 2" of grabbing area. I spent the last week on some newer rigs at the SOA workshop and I'm finding it hard to go back to the short handle. Are there any other handles that are compatible? Or am I pretty much stuck with what I have?








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Hi Pete,


I'm not sure of a source, but felt similar about the handle on my Archer 1 after using another sled on a job while mine was in for service (looks about the same size/shape as the one you have). I did inquire with Tiffen about getting a longer handle or spacer, but they said they weren't able to on my sled. It wasn't a deal-breaker for me, and at some point my muscle memory adjusted and now it feels comfortable.


Interested to hear if someone else knows a source for a solution that will still maintain structural integrity!



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