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Hello All,


I'm selling my Gimbal "MAXIMA MX30" (Hardware Vers. 1.5. / Software Vers. 2.0)


The Gimbal works with payloads of upto 30Kg / 66 lb.

It's in an excellent condition and has the latest software installed.

I used it about 7 times olny and it comes with a bunch of accessories.


Here are some specs...


- FoMa Maxima MX30 Electronic Camera Stabilizer System

- 32-bit ARM-based multiprocessors

- extremely durable, high-tech ball bearing

- supports camera systems upto 30 Kg /66 lb

- supports cameras of any length (fits Alexa Plus, Amira, Alexa Mini, Red Dragon, Sony F55, etc.)

- joystick on top for gimbal tilt & pan control

- roll axis can be fineadjusted on the fly by turning a small knob.

- 1.5 inch OLED display with status info and profile selection (5 different presets can be stored)

- there is a jack for a thumb joystick but ist is not connected

- power Supply: V-Mount

- Maxima Setup Software


- optional wireless remote control (can be purchased via FoMa Systems)

- optional "Betz-Tools "Schnitte"" for FIZ lenscontrol


Setup of the Gimbal is extremely fast. Lens- changes needs no readjusting/recalibration.


The MAXIMA MX30 Gimbal comes with following accessories worth €. 2000,-


- Gimbal Case

- Betz-Tools Quicklock System

- FoMa Topholder (for secure mounting to a crane/jib, etc.)

- ARRI Amira/Alexa Mini Power cable

- Handgrip

- Walter Klassen Slingshot Brackets

- HP Pavilion x2 Detachable" tablet PC w/ Windows10 and the latest Maxima software installed

- Some small parts


Maintainance and service is done via FoMa Systems directly. Buyer pays shipping.


I have many more pictures of the Gimbal and the accessories. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone.


mail@dploher.com / +49 (0)170 4923342



€. 13.500 ,-




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