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Ultra 2 Vest

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Hi All,


Selling my Ultra 2 vest -- she's used but in fair condition. Couple of things of note...this one has the slim pads, not the "life vest" type found on some of the older ones. It's also a normal size vest, not a compact. There's also the issue of the plastic near the shoulder clips being cracked. See pics below. Apparently this is a known issue with this generation of vest, and does not seem to affect the function of the vest overall. According to Tiffen, some ops have operated with these cracks for extended periods without much issue (although you might want to have it repaired/replaced just to be sure). I did get a quote from Tiffen to repair the backing, if you're interested in hearing about it.


Other than that, I've modified the backstraps so that you don't have to un-clip them to get in and out of the vest. from the left side.


There's some wear near the chest straps as well, from the velcro rubbing up on it.


Looking for $2500 OBO. Buyer to pay shipping/VAT etc...


Let me know if you have questions.







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