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Brad Smith

Cmotion Camin mounting options

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I'm looking at buying the Cmotion Cvolution FF system, I'm wondering what are my options for mounting the Camin reciever to my sled. My sled is a PRO Cinelive, and I've currently got the usual Pro dovetail mount for Preston, BFD on my sled


Any thoughts on the Cmotion system? Do your assistants like it?





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Hi Brad,

Maybe Walter has already helped you out. If not:

Which camin do you have? The camin 2M/4M or the newer camin 3M? There are several options to mount the camin.

If you are looking for a quick release, there is the cfast vlock


For rods 19/15 mm there is the rod connector:


There is also a smaller tool: the cfast artemis:


But not sure if that works on the Pro cine live.

If you are based in L.A. Sebastian of camadeus sure could help you out as well: sebastian.lumme@camadeus.com

If you have any further questions, drop me a message: clemens.hoenig@cmotion.eu



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