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XCS U1 sled package


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Hi All,


Package includes:


U1 sled with custom upgrades & Cinetronic Gen 1 HD monitor NEW, with straight XCS dual rod monitor clamp and backup 6" Transvideo Cinebright SD monitor, NEW.


U1 Super Post


Tiffen Exovest NEW


B4B Batteries package and 2x 4-way simultaneous chargers with pelican case


HP video custom HD transmitter and Handheld monitor / Receiver pkg. 300' range.


Will not break package.


Currently only taking offers from Continental USA. Buyer pays shipping.




*1 XCS sliding (side/side adjust) camera base plate included.

No cables included

No focus bracket

No Docking Bracket*


U1 Sled modifications installed / serviced by XCS inc. Include:

- Top stage rear 12v 2B 302 connector is custom Un-regulated 12v, so you can run hi-amp cameras and accessories.

- Sled is AR ready. I flew the AR on this sled for 4 years. 5 pin Lemo installed on top stage and bottom LEH for top and bottom AR comms. Mod is easily reversible/replaceable.

- Custom 2" additional length on battery rods. Enables extra extension for pan inertia. Great for both regular operating and also for extra inertia in AR mode.

- Top stage (front) 12/24 power Accessory split Lemo PRO standard pin out.

- Bottom LEH (front) 2b303 12/24 power Accessory Lemo Hi-Amp power out. (same as top stage rear 2B303)


All other features are stock U1: Sled is in pristine, excellent working condition, it's been in my backup case for many years now. Gimbal is XCS verified in perfect condition with very little cosmetic wear.

Built in SD PDL, CrossHair control, Sled functions, Uno Frameliner, Recorder deck control.

*Note* I personally still run my current sled configuration in SD. I place a Decimator downconverter under my MDR so that I can still utilise my SD PDL. The Downconverted image still looks great on either the TB6 or any HD monitor. So you will be up and running with this sled package by simply incorporating a Decimator or similar downconvertor into your build, if you want to incorporate the still highly effective/accurate PDL. An HDSDI line-in would be a very easy and economical upgrade by XCS inc.

Cinetronic Gen1 in like New condition with no cosmetic wear.

Transvideo 6" Cinebright SD backup monitor New in New Pelican case.


Tiffen ExoVest NEW http://www.tiffen.com/steadicam_fawcett_exovest.html

Love this vest, but passing it on. Highly adjustable. Extremely comfortable. LOVE the pivot hip/shoulder.

Ships in New padded Tiffen case, not a shipping case.


Battery package http://batteries4broadcast.com/

4x 190wh

6x 150wh

2x 4-position Simultaneous chargers

Batteries in very good reliable working condition. Batt guage & P-tap out on each batt.

Pelican 1560


HD Transmitter Receiver/Monitor (H-held) 300' http://hpvideo.tv/index.php/component/virtuemart/

Excellent working condition. Some cosmetic wear. Receiver/Monitor via Anton Bauer plate 12vdc. Tx via 12vdc 6 pin hrs (modulus standard).

Pelican 1550








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New Price:



I've got a couple of boxes of widgets, cables, brackets, plates. Let me know what kind of field you are in (live/types of cameras etc) and I will include all kinds of stuff. Any 'really need' items, and it's yours if I have it. It's just too much stuff for me to list and go through in writing here.


This is a really clean setup and amazing package if you are starting up.

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