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Transfering BetaSP, DigiBeta, DVCPRO, DVCAM, MiniDV to Digital

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Hi folks.

Just thought that a bunch of us older timers here may have a bunch of non HD tapes we'd like to get transferred to a hard drive, to protect it for future use or viewing and to get back some much needed shelf space somewhere in our lives.

I put together a transfer system rack of the above mentioned formats with all professional editing decks to be able to provide this service. Only to SD, I do not up convert to HD.

I saw a local big transfer house here in South Florida charges anywhere from $45/hr for a Mini DV to Hardrive transfer to $125/hr for Digibeta. You provide your hardrive.

I'm thinking way less than that. I'm set up to transfer to 2.5" laptop style drives that I can place in a caddy. The 500GB Samsung drives are less than $180 at Best Buy and hold about 14 hours of SD material in .MOV files


If anyone is interested, please reach out to figure out what you have in terms of time and I'll be more than fair.


PS. you'd be responsible for the shipment of your tapes to me and back to YOU, it's up to you to toss them after your sure everything is good on the transfer.


I did it to all of mine and it was a great trip down memory lane..


If this violates any of the forum rules, please feel free to delete. Thanks folks.



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